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Bio express

Age: 38

Job: Officer of the Custody of the Holy Land

City: Jerusalem

Church: Roman Catholic



" I dream that the Church becomes finally united"

Are you involved in the church?


I work for the Custody and the franciscans. I try to help people as much as I can : I am very present to my family. I stay with them and take care of them. We go to church every Sunday together, to the melkite parish, to the latin one, or to the orthodox. I don’t care. I’m a christian. It is enough for me.

Does the Church need to evolve? 


Yes. It needs to stop being so divided because we are very few christian families on this land and we should be united. For instance, when it comes to money and helping the poors, orthodox parishes won’t help a latin faithful and vise-versa. Also, what we see a lot is people complaining because they don’t get enough money. The church should stop creating this dependence.

Do you expect something from the synod ?


We are in the city and the land of peace, so we have to come up with bold decisions for the Synod. We could start with children praying together because they are the future of a united church in the land where Jesus was born and died for all of us. Being united in prayer will bring us together in one heart and one hand. There is nothing difficult if we step in the strong will of our saviour. The Church should always remember that the real stones of the churches are the one that make it alive : the people inside the parish. 

What do you dream of for the church ?

That it becomes finally united. 

Interview by Cécile Lemoine

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