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Bio express

Age : 29 years old

Job : Teacher

City : Jérusalem 

Rite : Catholique latin


“More and more roads lead to the Church today”

Are you involved in the Church ?


Yes. I am the conductor of the kids’ choir, and I am part of the Custody’s choir. Singing is like praying twice, so being involved in this way is really nice for me. Working in catholic schools is also part of my involvement in the Church. It was important to help dragging the youth to the faith, to make them feel part of the Church. Most of them don’t come a lot to the church on sundays, they prefer to go on trips. Also, it helps me being at peace with myself. 


Are there things that bother you inside the Church ?


Personally, no. But I hear a lot. People don’t always get what they want from the Church : money, but also a person that listens to them. I understand that most of the priests are busy and involved in many activities. But some don’t. 


Do you think things need to change inside the Church ?


I don’t know. It seems to me that priests are trying to work more with the youth than before. They organize youth groups, gatherings, spiritual meetings, prayers. There are more roads that lead to the church now. In my church, the priest is also trying to reach the people that are far away. And I think he is doing a great job. 


Do you have a dream for the church ?


I think they are already doing the dream : keeping and protecting the Christians in the Holy Land. But at the same time, they're not giving them the trust to have their own properties. Because everything belongs to the church, and some of us are just dependent on those properties.

Interview by Cécile Lemoine

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