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Faces and words

The Church of the Holy Land is embodied and takes many forms. Let us plunge into this diversity.

In this synodal process, we are invited to listen closer to one another, sensitive to the pains and the joys of each. In these words, different individuals express their thoughts and feelings about the Church, dare to criticize but also to dream. The opinions expressed are those of the individuals who speak through this medium and are not necessarily the opinions of those who facilitate the interviews and their publication. Let us listen and grow in our sense of what the Church is and what the Church is called to become at this time and in this place.

"If our priests become examples, people will follow them"

"Giving young people opportunities to stay here"

"We need to update the Church"

"Most of nowadays kids have no connection with the Church"

“Religion is becoming less important than technology, science, and oneself”

“It is time for the Church to listen seriously to the need of the people”

"It is not the alb that makes the priest, but the priest that makes the alb".

“Daily life problems keep people away from the Church”

“Sometimes we feel like we are the guests here”

“The Church should raise its children connected to their land”

“ People like to point fingers and criticize, but no one questions themselves”

"We all are Catholics, but it is not the same"

"Feeling you are part of something is up to each one"

« I feel part of the Church. But I don’t think other people see me as part of that Church »

“More and more roads lead to the Church today”

"I dream that the Church will finally be united

"With my choir, I try to make everybody feel like a part of the Church"

"I try to be on the shore: neither too close from the Church, nor too far away from the margins"

"The Church must be poor again and go back to its roots"

"I came back from France because my Church and my Land are here"

"The youth is the present of this land. Not its future"

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