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Bio express

Age : 61

Profession: Cleaning woman 

City: Tel Aviv

Rite: Roman Catholic


"Feeling you are part of something is up to each one"

Are you involved with the church?

Before the opening of the center, Our Lady Woman of Valor in south Tel Aviv, I used to go to Jaffa. When the center opened, I volunteered as a commentator. I studied a little bit of Hebrew so I have the basics to read and speak. Church is my life. Whenever I feel depressed, I come here, to the community center. God is my refuge and my provider.


Do you feel part of the Holy Land church?

Yes. Feeling you are part of something is up to each one . If you are dedicated, if you believe in yourself and if you make decisions for yourself, then you are good.


Does something bother you inside the church?

To be honest, sometimes the priests aren’t where they should be, they are not committed enough. They put too much distance between themselves and  the people, they are not approachable and they don’t listen. 


Do you have a dream for the church?

That it includes more people, and becomes bigger. That it gives the opportunity to everyone to be part of it and to come to church. The community center here is very small and it cannot host everybody during big feasts like Christmas. 

Interview by Cécile Lemoine

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