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Bio express

Age: 60

City: Jerusalem

Denomination : Latin


"I have always dreamt of our Church being the home of all Christians"

Would you say that you are involved in the Church?


Yes, definitely. I’ve been involved in it since my childhood. I used to go to church with my parents, who taught me to adhere to the teachings of the Christian religion, to be part of the Church, and to pray there every Sunday and also on holidays and occasions. And this is what I taught my children, as my parents did.


Do you feel that you are part of the Church of the Holy Land?


Yes, I consider myself a part of the Church in the Holy Land, because I grew up in an environment and a believing family that considers the Church its home and second refuge, a place where we find mental comfort and tranquility, where we are at the Lord’s house and in His hands.


What bothers you inside the Church?


Here’s the short list:

  • People talking during Mass.

  • Using cell phones in the church, to take pictures, to answer calls, to send messages, etc.

  • To wear inappropriate clothing in a church.

  • The small number of people coming to Mass.


Did you ever think about priesthood?


No. I chose to raise a believing Christian family very close to the Church that glorifies the Lord Jesus Christ. I consider myself a servant of the Church and Christianity, but from the outside, and I am proud of what I offer to it without receiving any title or material and personal benefits.


Do you have a dream for this Church?


I have always dreamt of our Church being the home of all Christians and believers, and working to invite all people from the Holy Land who left to return to their homeland, their families and their church.

Interview by George Musara

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