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Bio express

Age: 55

Job: Arabic Teacher

City: Jerusalem 

Denomination: Latin Catholic


"Most of nowadays kids have no connection with the Church"

Would you say you are involved with the church?


I’ve been always a part of the church. I was in most of the youth programs, I was head of summer camps… I even started my own summer camps for the Church and for our Christian youth in Ramallah, until I moved out to Jerusalem where I still do these activities in the name of the Church.


Why is it important to be involved with the church?


It is very important to be a part of the Church, so we can all be role models to the upcoming generations and be able to direct them down the right path. And make them closer with God, Jesus, and Mary. I think people who are active in the Church, because the values it represents and tries to share, can better lead our future generations.


Is the church giving you a place, as a woman and a lay person?


Honestly, I’m not sure about it, because with my relations in Jerusalem I haven’t felt so accepted by the Church. I feel like back then it was something bigger and better, as if the Church was more supportive of women. I don’t really feel the support right now as it was back then.


What bothers you in the church today?


What bothers me that there aren’t any educational activities about religion. They are centered around non-religious aspects. When we raise our kids, we must teach them to stay connected with God and the Church. 

Unfortunately, most of nowadays kids and teenagers have no connection with the Church, and there is nothing that gets them closer to the Church.

So I really would love to see some activities for children, teens, and parents organized by the Church, which would reunite it with its people.


What leverages could the Church use to initiate a change?


The leverage I’d use is summer. I would start multiple well-funded summer camps for kids from various ages in every city. Because it helps the parents all while teaching the kids about Church and improving their knowledge and belief. And if the kids have fun, they will want to do it again, they’ll talk about it, maybe they’ll get their friends to come… And that will introduce the Church to others.


What is your dream for this Church?


That it keeps growing and going down the right path; attracting more people; helping the people in need; preserve traditions; and that it keeps being a home to anyone who needs one.

Interview by George Musara

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