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Walking together

Which synodal journey in the Holy Land?


"Walking to Emmaus"

The method of the Catholic Assembly of Ordinaries in the Holy Land, anchored in the Gospel.

“The word synod means walking together”

The vision of Mgr. Pierbattista Pizzaballa, Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem

Extracts from the homily delivered during the opening of the Synod, October 30, 2021 at Deir Rafat.


“The Church of the Holy Land is full of many, many differences. I think in this year of Synod, it is important that we learn a little more about each other, about all the different realities of our Church that we don’t know. It is not a Synod that we have to do in the parish hall but we want to do it going outside.”


“From Cyprus to Jordan, we must feel that we are part of the same community and that every person in this territory is a part of us, in the same way that we are part of them.”


““Mission” means to testify with our life who we are and to whom we belong. So, we have to stop complaining that there are few Christians in the Holy Land. We are enough to change the world if we want and if we want the Word of God to be. We have to look at the presence of God among us, the life of Jesus among us and with this strength to go out and say, like the two disciples, we met the Risen Lord!"

See again the opening mass of the synod

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